In CWK we have separate grades for children from 7 years of age, and Youth/Adult grades from age 13 (NZ) or age 14 (UK). We do not normally accept children under the age of 7. At the discretion of the instructor they might accept a 6 year old if they have sibling training in the same class.

JUNIORS: 7 – 13 years old

  • Yellow belts (5 levels)
  • Blue belts (5 levels)
  • Red belts (5 levels)

At any time the Senior Instructor running the classes thinks it is appropriate they can move the student to the Youth/Adult class.

At age 13 (NZ) or age 14 (UK) the student can transition from Junior class to an assessed Youth/Adult grade which is approved by the Chief or a Senior Instructor.

YOUTH / ADULTS: 13+ years old (NZ) or 14+ years old (UK) & adults

  • White belt (3 levels NZ / 2 levels UK)
  • Orange belt (2 levels)
  • Green belt (2 levels)
  • Purple belt (2 levels)
  • Brown Belt (2 levels)
  • Black belt  (9 levels from 1st duan to 9th duan)
  • Black Belt 1st – 3rd duan  =  Senior
  • Black Belt 4th – 6th duan =  Master
  • Black Belt 7th – 8th duan =  Senior Master
  • Black Belt 9th duan          =  Grand Master

The highest grade in CWK is 9th degree (duan) Black Belt. At any one time there will only ever be one person of this grade representing the Grand Master of CWK.

In other associations they have different grading systems, including different belt colours and time needed to progress between grades. Many have higher degrees of Black Belt. This is of no significance as any grade is dependent on the quality of the depth of knowledge, understanding and ability of the individual. So a black belt in one association might be the equivalent of the green belt in another association. It does not matter to us and should not matter to you. In general our grades are robust and rigorously tested. Many of our Black Belts have taken 10 years to reach this level. This may therefore be equivalent to a higher level or a lower level in another association. Our aim is quality not quantity.