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Chen Wu Kuan

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

Chen Wu Kuan school of traditional Chinese martial arts and contempory Wushu was founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Raymond Smith, President of the British Council For Chinese Martial Arts, President of the European Wushu Kung Fu Federation and Vice President of the International Wushu Federation, a man hugely respected in the martial arts world for both his mastery of kung fu and his dedication to the cultivation of Chinese martial arts in the west and indeed all over the world.

In our classes we teach Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, including Southern Five Ancestors and Northern Long Fist, and Qi Gong (breathing techniques). Our training includes a wide variety of activities including sparring, self defence, set routines, and development of strength, stamina and flexibility

Traditional classes are based in Reading, UK, and in New Zealand. 

Our classes in Reading are held at  Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, Lower Earley, Reading, RG6 4GD. Further details can be found on our Classes page.

CHEN WU KUAN: The Development of Chinese Martial Arts Trust. Members of: The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts.
Recognised by: The UK Sports Council.The Chinese martial arts ( Wushu ) is recognised by the IOC as a sport.

Established 1977 (UK), 2005 (New Zealand)

The Chen Wu Kuan Schools specialise in teaching the FIVE ANCESTORS external and internal Chinese martial arts and we pride ourselves in cultivating a friendly, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The external curriculum focuses on traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, which is very rarely taught in other schools, and we also provide expert tuition in the stunning art of Northern and Southern Kung Fu (including weapons forms for higher grades). The internal martial arts offered are Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Our master is proud of the quality of teaching and of his Instructors, who are extremely skilled and experienced in their chosen disciplines. We are confident that they will provide you with the best quality teaching available in UK today.

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