Our classes are based in Berkshire, UK, and
in Tauranga, New Zealand.

We teach Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, including Southern Five Ancestors and Northern Long Fist, and Qi Gong (breathing techniques). Our training includes a wide variety of activities including sparring, self defence, set routines (shadow boxing), and development of strength, stamina, flexibility and self confidence. 

We pride ourselves in cultivating a friendly, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Students who enjoy their training benefit most from our system of Kung Fu.

Join our classes to learn from our experienced instructors. We are confident that we provide the best quality teaching available in the UK and NZ today.

Suitable for students aged 7+ and adults.

☯ Self defence, self-esteem & self-confidence

☯ Friendly, family-oriented club for 40 yrs

☯ Concentration & coordination

☯ Deep-rooted Shaolin lineage

☯ Health, fitness & stamina

☯ Respectful energy

UK Classes

In-person classes

7.30–8.30 pm

(Term time only)
children (7+)
and adults
All Saints CE (Aided) Primary School,
Norreys Avenue,
RG40 1UX

The mixed class can be attended by the whole family!

For more information contact Bal on 07932942714 or email contact@chenwukuan.com.

Online classes

7.30–9.00 pm
6.30–7.30 pm
Children (7–14)Raul

Email contact@chenwukuan.com for more information about joining the online classes!

(Classes currently running online will be resuming in person in due course.)

NZ Classes

Classes in New Zealand are held at The Martial Arts Academy, First Ave, Tauranga.